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African Studies. Forging New Perspectives and Directions

Nina ed. Pawlak, Hanna ed. Rubinkowska-Anioł, Izabela ed. Will

Dom wydawniczy Elipsa, 2016
Stron: 292
ISBN: 9788380171145


The idea for this book emerged as a result of the conference “African studies in the contemporary world”, hosted at the University of Warsaw on 14th October 2014, where some attitudes and methodologies representative for the topics undertaken by scholars dealing with present-day Africa were discussed. The main aim of the volume is to present a wide spectrum of interests and trends in contemporary African studies, including the application and incorporation of old and verified methods into contemporary frameworks that provide a pan-African perspective. Another aspect of African studies undertaken within this volume is the investigation of African history and cultures through post-colonial lenses. The contributions include extensive bibliographies significant both for the topics and for further research into new areas of African studies.